Substituted by current timestamp with formatting it.


  • "{timestamp}"

  • "{timestamp:%s}"

  • "{timestamp:%Y-%m-%dT%H-%M-%S}"


You can pass 1 positional option to this substitution:

  • Format (optional)

    Could be any format supported by stftime.

    • no format means %s (unix timestamp, e.g. 1641342388)

    • %Y-%m-%dT%H-%M-%S means current datetime like "2021-12-31T11-22-33"


    setuptools is removing all leading zeros (e.g. 00 in 1.001.002) to produce PEP 440 compliant version number.

    If you’re using datetime as your version number, you can get unexpected results like "2021.1.1" instead of "2021.01.01" because of such removal.

    So it is recommended to use timestamp either in local version part (git.sha in 1.2.3+git.sha) or to use just year number in public version (1.2.3).